We all have a story. A story that defines our journey in life, capturing the essence of who we are. UNTOLD contributes to these stories by crafting one-of-a kind diamond jewellery breathing emotion. In a process unlike any other, we take you on a journey to design and co-create your unique piece in a very personal and discrete atmosphere. Our passion for diamonds and craftsmanship brought this unique concept to life. We are diamond storytellers…


Diamond couple Ineke Symoens and Stefan Foubert have initially been co-creating custom-made diamond jewellery upon request from family, friends and private customers. Their strong belief in their out-spoken added value for their clients leads them to launch the UNTOLD brand to a larger audience. UNTOLD blends the strong suits of both its founders : a creative eye and open spirit combined with a deep expertise and vast network in the international diamond Industry. Ineke and Stefan complement each other perfectly.


With 26 years of experience in the international diamond trade and having dealt with the most prominent jewellery houses around the globe, Stefan has developed a unique insight in the industry. He loves to share his in-depth expertise and passion for diamonds in a way you can only experience with an inside professional. He takes you on a journey to the hidden world of diamonds and involves you in the whole process of sourcing the perfect stones that enhance your piece. He’s a strong believer in craftsmanship and only collaborates with the best in the industry.


With a background in Loyalty Marketing, Ineke brings a refreshing and creative perspective to the UNTOLD brand. Intrigued by beautiful things, she loves to surround herself with art, fashion and food. Sharing the same passion for diamonds as her husband, she strongly believes in the fascinating and enduring power of diamonds. Ineke’s female touch guides the customers through the process of co-creating that special piece of jewelllery, knowing that emotions are always involved and best experienced within a context of trust, knowledge and discretion.


UNTOLD is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Hotel Franq in Antwerp, city of diamonds. Hotel Franq offers a unique, historical and warm setting where the UNTOLD experience can be tasted to the fullest. Looking forward to meeting you in our new Hub!

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