A natural diamond is estimated to be between 1 to 3.5 billion years old and is literally the oldest precious object you will ever touch or own. Our planet is 4.5 billion years old.

Diamonds were formed at depths between 150 km and 250 km in the earth’s mantle under extreme circumstances ;  75 ton pressure / square cm and temperatures till 1.300 degrees Celsius. Diamonds are by far the hardest material on earth.

Because of deep volcanic eruptions, 100 million years ago, they made the journey to the surface being insulated in a blue rock named kimberlite, otherwise they would burn up in the magna.

More than 250 tons of rocks, sand and debris need to be blasted, crushed and processed to produce just one carat of rough diamond and only one in every million diamonds weighs one carat or more. Only 20 % of the world’s diamonds are suitable for Jewellery.

A rough diamond loses up to 50 % of its weight during the cutting and polishing process. Only a diamond can polish a diamond.

Today, diamonds are still known as the ultimate symbol of everlasting love and are used to celebrate the great and significant occasions in our lives. A diamond has the ability to captivate a person’s heart in just a few seconds.

Let’s embrace emotion and let diamonds be your testament of love passed on from generation to generation.

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